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Clay has a long tradition in architecture and even today its properties are highly valued in ecological construction. Its surface and its unique texture also make it very interesting for me in terms of design.


Traditionally, half-timbered houses were built here in Münsterland from clay, straw and wood, and this series pays tribute to these materials in a very special way. Bowls, vases, urns and sculptures are created in which the materials of a framework are deconstructed and rebuilt in their natural form.

A special mixture of different grains of clay, stones, straw and wood shavings is mixed and pounded into rough molds to form a blank. The finer shaping is done on the lathe or freehand. This removes the top layer, allowing the straw and stones to reappear on the surface. In the last step, this exciting surface is silicified to create a resilient yet breathable surface.

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